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Dean made his way to the Lebanon Valley Dragway in West Lebanon, NY. Camilla was racing there and she asked him to meet her so as to give him her answer. Guess she needed to clear her head or something ‘cause she could have told him over the phone. Oh well, it’s kinda cool to see her in action so to speak, so it didn’t bother Dean none plus this one is legal. He parked his car and got out. He moved closer to the dragstrip and asked for her. She was already in her car getting ready to race. So he just stood by and waited for the event to begin.

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    [[MORE]] A long exhaled left her chest as she dropped one of her legs from his waist. Her mouth was parted as she moaned...
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    [[MORE]] Dean groaned as Camilla’s legs wrapped tighter around him, causing him to go deeper inside her. She asked for...